About the Eco Women

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The Eco Women are Enviro Girl, Recycla, Captain Compost, the Green Mommy, Green Queen, and Eco Lassie — six women who are out to save Planet Earth one day at a time. Join them in their adventures as they Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, as well as leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Who are the Eco Women and where do they each save Planet Earth?

Enviro Girl’s superhero lair is set on 60 acres in rural Wisconsin, while Recycla’s superhero lair is in a small college town in Virginia.  Captain Compost’s superhero lair is in Colorado.  The Green Mommy’s superhero lair is in the heart of New York City, while Eco Lassie’s superhero lair is hidden in North Carolina.  Green Queen’s superhero lair is is in the center of the Pacific Northwest.  Six different Eco Warriors; six different superhero lairs.  See?  It doesn’t matter WHERE you live — EVERYONE can be an Eco Warrior.

While Enviro Girl, Recycla, Captain Compost,and Green Queen are generalist superheroes who dabble in a little bit of eco-everything, the Green Mommy specializes in eco-baby and eco-toddler information and Eco Lassie is the resident eco-pet guru.

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

No, it’s the Eco Women!

Do you have a question for the Eco Women? Email them at Enviro Girl (dmwest at hbs dot net) and Recycla (jenontheedge at embarqmail dot com).

EcoWomen graphic by Jake Kasch.

8 thoughts on “About the Eco Women

  1. Wow! Love the site and the great info, plus the look of it, very professional.

    I was pleased to see when I looked at your list of Easy Actions that I do them all~with the exception of washing my sheets, allergist says for my severe dust mite allergy I must use hot water for them.

    You GO Gals!

  2. Fun site! Look forward to reading more. I’m eco-warrior and I’m promoting that within a pagan lifestyle. (Or working on it … when i’m not bogged down by the semantics) Hope to get more Eco stuff out there too! Save the planet, ladies…
    – Natalie

  3. I would like to join Ecosociety. Can you prevent all the smog , waste, trash that emits from Washington DC? I am also trying to convince my 86 year old mother that ants are people too and that she must stop stepping on them and spraying with death gas from aerosol can.

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