Holiday greetings

RecyclaXmasNow that Thanksgiving is over, Recycla is thinking about Christmas cards. She usually sends around 125 and will sit down each evening after dinner to work on them. If she needs a little help with her mood, she listens to Christmas music.

Are you working on your Christmas cards? More than 1.5 billion were mailed in the U.S. during the 2013 holiday season. That’s a lot of paper and other resources being used for an ephemeral greeting. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your impact on Planet Earth.

Christmas Card DisplayThe most environmentally friendly way to send holiday cards is to send e-greetings. You can design your own or check out the dozens of websites that offer e-cards.

Recycla will admit that as much as she admires the idea of e-greetings, it’s just so exciting to find a mailbox full of colorful envelopes for weeks on end. She knows she needs to adjust her thinking, but she’s just not there yet.

For a number of years, she sent out those ubiquitous glossy photograph cards that everyone sends … and which, unfortunately, are not at all recyclable.

003e0431882c0e5211ca820b52d830a1This year, Recycla is thinking of designing a postcard with a mosaic of photos and her family’s greetings. She can share photos while cutting back on paper envelopes. Afterward, people can recycle the cards if they choose.

If you make your own cards, use recycled content paper or cardstock — fewer trees were cut down to make that paper — and don’t use scrapbooking embellishments that cannot be recycled.

If you buy cards, look for ones that are made of recycled paper or have some recycled content in them. Again, stay away from foils, glitters, and other non-paper materials that make it harder to recycle the cards.

After the holidays, try to reuse or recycle as many cards as you can. Recycla turns her old ones into gift tags for the next year. If you’re not feeling crafty, consider donating your old cards to a charity that will turn them into new cards. In the U.S., the top collector of old cards is St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Doing so ensures that millions of cards don’t end up in landfills.

Photo credits: Yahoo Images.


One thought on “Holiday greetings

  1. I use recycled wrap paper but I love my cards! I do save them to savor and then as I’m putting the decorations away in mid-January, I cut out any pretty pics and use them for tags next year. Those photo cards go right in an album with the date so I don’t forget!!

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