Eco Friendly Pets

ecolassie Eco Lassie is always on the hunt for new things that are eco friendly for your pets.

She’s found some new things to bring to your attention.

For the dog owner whose pup lives for those balls you throw:

Try the Play Ball Gift Bucket, filled with tennis balls colored with Earth-friendly dyes in patterns that make them easy to retrieve and clearly say they’re yours.


The bucket can be repurposed to hold other doggie items, too. From Harry Barker, $30 for 15 balls and bucket: harry

If your dog likes to play in the park at night, consider this 100% recyclable AND nontoxic glow-in-the-dark disk, perfect for that late game of fetch.

ZiscZisc glow from West Paw Design, from $12:

And don’t forget the kitties. This mouse-shaped linen and seagrass toy will delight your furry friend with its feather fronds.


Catit Terratory Mouse with Feather, $5 on

If you’re really into eco-conscious raising, you can even extend that to the bowls for your cats. These bamboo and cornstarch construction bowls keep your kitty eating green, made off renewable and sustainable sources.

Bambu_Bowls_ProductLine$9.50 for the small size from Loving Pets Heart Shaped Bambu Bowl on

Finally, made from recycled plastic bottles comes this colorful pet collar, available in seven patterns.

eco-lucks-collars-dublin-dogLeashes, too! EcoLucks collar from Dublin Dog, start at $24:

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