HHW sites

ecolassie  Eco-Lassie has been pondering HHW sites. These are for household hazardous waste materials.

She was shocked to discover that even supposedly “eco-friendly” nail polishes are so friendly.

These are usually labeled 3-FREE or 5-FREE and give the impression to the user that they are sound for the environment and the user, and can therefore could be safely disposed of in your normal garbage. They may be labeled “vegan” or “natural.”

polishaboutinrowThere’s no question this type of polish is healthier for your nails, and for the environment as well as the lungs that are inhaling the vapors from them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking they can be chucked out in your household garbage.

Enesta Jone, a spokesperson for the US Environmental Protection Agency, says that they are “not safe for the environment” and ALL of your polishers to be discarded should be brought to an HHW facility.

Other items that you should bring to these kinds of facilities? Paint cans are a biggie, as is hair dye–who knew? and of course, those pesky pesticides.


To find a collection area near you:

Visit earth911.com; click on Recycling Search.

Now input “nail polish” and your ZIP code.

Bt what to do if, like Eco-Lassie, the closest facility is over thirty miles away? It’s hardly cost- and environmentally efficient to drive that far to dump used nail polishes.

You can let the polishes dry out by loosening the caps. Leave them outside, away from flames, for at least 48 hrs. THEN you can throw them away in household garbage.

Letting them dry out allows the solvents in the polish to break down and evaporate, so they won’t seep into groundwater surrounding a landfill.

That’s Eco-Lassie’s tip for the day!





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