Earth Day 2014

RecyclaHappy Earth Day!

In honor of the day, here is the tip the Eco Women share most often:

Stop using plastic.

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images

At the very least, cut back on your plastic usage.

Did you know that Americans dispose of more than 10 million tons of plastic garbage every year?

And that nearly 10% of the world’s annual oil production is used toward the creation of plastic products?

And that a single plastic bottle will take 500+ years to decompose in a landfill.  The same goes for plastic bags. In other words, they’ll never, ever decompose.

What can you do?

It’s easy, find some way to cut back on your plastic use, even if it’s one tiny thing.

For example, don’t buy bottle water. Instead, carry a reusable bottle. If you can’t cut back entirely, try to reduce the number you use.

Instead of getting plastic grocery bags, take a reusable bag to the store. If you do end up with plastic grocery bags, find some way to reuse them. And when you’re done with them, take them back to a store that recycles them.

You don’t have to be perfect — even the Eco Women have some plastic in their lives — but do try to cut back on your plastic use.

Tell the Eco Women: Will you be doing anything special to mark Earth Day?


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