Clever ways to reuse plastic Easter eggs

RecyclaNow that Easter is over, it’s time to deal with all those plastic eggs. In Recycla’s house, they get washed and are then stored until the next year when they’re used again. They’ve been using the same eggs for nearly 15 years.

Here are some other ideas for you:

Yahoo Images

Yahoo Images

If your children are grown, pass your plastic eggs on to other families.

Use the eggs as air fresheners. Poke a few holes in some and put in some potpourri, dried herbs/flowers, and sprinkle in some essential oil.

Create an on-the-go sewing kit. Put in a needle, some thread, and tiny scissors and you’re set for emergency repairs.

Make a pocket-sized first aid kit. Add a few bandaids and maybe a blister patch.

Fill an egg with coins and stash it in your car’s glove compartment for parking meters, etc.

Fill them with goodies for party favors. Small children don’t care if it’s Easter or not.

Have toddlers who love to pretend to cook? Put some plastic eggs in their play kitchens.

Hold egg hunts on other holidays. Fill eggs with seasonal candies, such as conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day or gold coins for St. Patrick’s Day.

Store garden seeds in plastic eggs over the winter.

Pack snacks for travel. Recycla has used an Easter egg filled with trail mix for long runs.

When traveling, use plastic eggs for holding jewelry, medicines, or other small items.

Plastic eggs are great for storing Play Doh in small amounts — this is great for travel!

Tell the Eco Women: What ideas do you have?


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