Toxin-free Spring Cleaning

ecolassieEco-Lassie is tired of winter. This has been one long, hard slog for everyone, and it isn’t over yet. 

In the interests of hoping to bring Spring to its sense, she’s started to do her usual purge and clean at this time of year. Shaking out the winter cobwebs and bringing that sparkly shine to her house may just put a smile on her face.So how does the average person decide just how to clean and keep the family free of unneeded toxins?

First off, read the labels of the cleaning products you are using now. Anything with “petro” on its label probably belongs at your local gas station, not in your home.

Think instead: lemons, vinegar, and baking soda. All natural ingredients your mother and grandmother used.

CoffeeMaker10Cup4036432White vinegar is the prime ingredient here for a sparkling coffee maker. Get rid of that built up burned taste of old beans by running it through one cycle with pure white vinegar in place of water (and leave out the coffee beans, please!). Besides breaking down any minerals that have built up, the vinegar acts as a deodorant for your machine. Then rinse out the vinegar by running clear water through a cycle. Now your coffeemaker is ready for prime-time brewing.

LGwashingmachineWhile we’re on the subject of white vinegar, don’t forget your washing machine. Eco-Lassie uses this whenever her often-used washer starts to get that musty odor. This one’s real easy, too: just add a cup of white vinegar to a load of wash. It will cut that odor at the same time as acting as a completely natural fabric softener.

5724toilet_bowlStill have that bottle of white vinegar out? Grab your box of baking soda and toss a cup into a flushed toilet. Let that soak for an hour while you do something else more exciting than cleaning your toilet. After an hour, throw in a cup of your white vinegar and in ten minutes, you can flush away your efforts. You’re left with a clean toilet without scrubbing, except for perhaps that harder to-reach area above the water line. Works every time.

vacuum-cleaner-for-pet-hairYou’ve put away the white vinegar for now, but hold on to that baking soda. For those of us with indoor pets, their hair and dander create an odor that sinks right into your rugs. Next time you drag out your vacuum, sprinkle a little baking soda across the carpet and wait 15 minutes. Now vacuum and you’ll be pleased with the difference in the amount of dander and odor that is sucked up. And the bonus is a pleasing, fresh scent, too.

6159microwave_ovenAnd while that baking soda is out, simply add 2 tablespoons to a cup of water in a bowl. Give it a stir and nuke it in your micro for 2-3 minutes. Now remove the bowl and wipe out the interior. An easy fix after something uncovered implodes in there, too.

garbage-disposal-closeup-590ls031710Don’t save this one for spring cleaning. Any time you have a lemon past its prime, don’t wait for the odors from your garbage disposal to surface. Cut the lemon into wedges, throw in a few ice cubes, and let your disposal clean itself. That fresh lemony scent will deodorize the unit and reach into your kitchen, while the ice tackles any build up on the blades. Squeaky clean and refreshing.

As your thoughts turn to spring cleaning, look inside your pantry instead of under your sink!

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I'm a retired RN, full-time writer who lives in a very rural area in coastal NC. I live here with Doc and our 7 yr old Spinone, Radar. We have 3 grown married sons. On a daily basis we see deer, tons of birds including blue birds and woodpeckers, shore birds and the occasional black bear, and love living on the Pungo River, perfect for a writer. My award-wininng mystery, THE BLUE VIRGIN, is set in Oxford, UK, and is the first of a series featuring American Nora Tierney. Book 2, THE GREEN REMAINS, follows Nora's move to Cumbria. Book 3, THE SCARLET WENCH, has her getting mixed up in murder yet again!

2 thoughts on “Toxin-free Spring Cleaning

  1. These are great cleaning techniques! I use several already, and I’m going to add the others. I think I have a few aging lemon wedges in the refrigerator right now. Garbage disposal, look out!

  2. You are making me (almost) miss having a garbage disposal! I miss that fresh lemony scent.
    I already knew about several of these but the toilet bowl solution is brand new to me, despite attempting a modified version on my own. I was a wee bit afraid of having a baking soda-vinegar volcano frothing over the rim… Now I will do it with confidence!

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