Buy Nothing Day, redux

RecyclaEnviro Girl had much to say on this topic last week, but now Recycla is chiming in: This Friday stay home, go to the library, a movie, have coffee with an old friend, or deck your halls — but DO NOT SHOP!  It’s Buy Nothing Day, during which you are encouraged to keep your green in your wallet.

By not buying anything on the largest shopping day of the year, you help send the message that we have enough stuff. There’s no need to join the madness and chaos at the mall, so don’t.

How do you participate in this year’s Buy Nothing Day?  BUY NOTHING on November 29th.  It’s free, it’s easy, and you’ll feel so good! This is a holiday the Eco Women can get behind.

On a very related note, start Buy Nothing Day early and don’t shop on Thanksgiving either. Yes folks, there are stores that will be open tomorrow, which means their employees will be spending Thanksgiving not with their families, but instead with random strangers who couldn’t wait a little longer to go shopping. Don’t support that line of thought.

Tell the Eco Women:  Will you participate in Buy Nothing Day?


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