Halloween treat options

recyclahalloween4This is going to be an unusual Halloween for Recycla’s family, because this year her daughters are really too old go trick-or-treating. After a decade of having October 31 as a Major Occasion on the family calendar, this year, it’s really going to be more of an ordinary day.

halloween-candy-by-phanton-kittyThe biggest difference will be the absence of pounds and pounds of candy to deal with after the costumes are pulled off and tossed aside. Yes, pounds and pounds of candy. Recycla’s neighbors were generous people and they not only gave out LOTS of candy to the neighborhood children, they often already had sizable goody bags ready for Recycla’s daughters. Without fail, every year, the girls usually ended up with three or four pounds of candy by the end of the evening.  Candy, candy, and more candy.  Frankly, Recycla would be happy if people were just a little less generous.

Better yet: What if people stopped giving out so much candy and tried other things instead?  Listed below are some of the items that Recycla would have loved to see in her daughters’ treat bags:

  • stickers
  • pencils and/erasers
  • bubbles
  • temporary tattoos
  • individual bags of Goldfish or pretzels
  • juice boxes


Recycla recognizes that a candy-free Halloween would be no fun at all.  Even her own husband teases her when she buys pretzels and granola bars to hand out to trick-or-treaters.  But her hope is that some people will jump on that bandwagon and just provide a little relief from all that sugar.


What about you fellow Eco Warriors?  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Halloween treat options

  1. We don’t get any kids down our long dirt road and I miss them. When we did have trick or treaters, I was fond of popcorn balls made with Splenda…kids never knew!

  2. I object! Everything in moderation…including moderation.

    I go down the sticker / pencil road myself for a counterpoint to all the sweet, sweet generosity. BUT I do object to commenter “Marni” putting artificial sweeteners into treats without the kids (or presumably anyone else) knowing…artificial sweeteners are not without their own problems, and I don’t permit my kids to have them. In my personal opinion, as long as you are not diabetic, a little occasional sugar or even a ONCE-a-year binge is a healthier alternative than any amount of splenda, etc.

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