Superfoods for Pets

EcoLassieHalloweenEcoLassie has her Fall outfit on, looking for goblins and ghosts.

In the meantime, she’s sharing some of the super goodies she’s been using for her own pooch. These are called superfoods because they’re nutrient-rich with health benefits for your dog.

Wet BlueberriesBlueberries give your dog the same things they give you: rich with antioxidants, these little blue beauties are thought to have anti-cancer benefits, stabilize blood sugar, and aid in healing. They’re also high in fiber, so try just a few when you use them as treats for your pet until you see how your individual pet’s system reacts to them. The larger the dog, the more berries he can eat without running to the door. And the nice thing about blueberries is that they don’t lose their healthy qualities if they’re frozen.

images_003Cranberries are another healthy choice. Great for your pet’s urinary tract. cranberries keep the pH of urine in the bladder more acidic, creating a hostile environment for bacteria. If your dog has had issues with bladder infections, consider adding them to her diet. Fresh or dried as a treat, you may find the dried go down better as they seem sweeter. One caveat: these are not to replace antibiotics if your dog does have a bladder infection; but they can aid in healing one and later, act as a preventative.

375x321_apple_cider_vinegar_ref_guideApple cider vinegar is another good choice, thought to boost your pet’s immune system. It’s beneficial for the digestive tract, too, with its antibacterial effects which limit the growth of harmful bacteria but leave the beneficial bacteria alone. While most dogs dislike the smell and taste of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon can be added to their food to mask the odor.

Another use for apple cider vinegar is as balm for irritated skin. Use 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water after a bath to soothe skin and reduced surface bacteria. Pour the solution over the dog and rub it into his coat, then rinse with water.

honey tumblr_m19qv8Wx0t1qg1v0bo1_500Raw, natural honey can be used as an anti-inflammatory externally for skin wounds on your dog’s coat, as it inhibits bacteria growth and reduces scarring. Use a small amount to cover the wound, and to prevent the dog licking it off, cover with a bandage. Change daily by washing off and replacing. Internally, it soothes the gastrointestinal tract.

Local honeys may also reduce allergies if your dog is prone to them. It desensitizes your dog to local plants when given daily in allergy season. Only a half a teaspoon is needed for a small dog, under 30 pounds; larger dogs can have a full teaspoon.

PumpkinsPumpkin is a great source of fiber, antioxidants and minerals. It is the food most vets recommend to adjust digestive tracts. EcoLassie uses a few tablespoons mixed in her dog’s food to sort out his digestive tract in either direction: it adjusts the flora and most dogs like its taste. She keeps a few cans of pureed pumpkin in her pantry for when needed; just be sure to buy plain canned pumpkin, not sweetened pie filling.

An added benefit is for the dog who needs to lose weight. Reduce the amount of food you use and replace it with an equal amount of pumpkin. Fresh pumpkin, grated and steamed or baked can also be used.


Enjoy adding these healthy choices to your pet’s diet and reap and she will reap the benefits.

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