Sustainable Soccer – Or GO BIG GREEN

Around here, in P.O. (or Portland, Oregon…or E.O. ‘Eugene, Oregon’) when we say, “Go Big Green”, we’re usually talking about the Oregon Ducks at UofO – sorry Beavs but it’s true. And when we talk about futbol it’s with two oo’s and an “a” (or football) for all you Americans and Canadians who don’t understand that term was adopted by other countries way before our little patch of earth ever began playing the game. But, and it’s one giant BUT…we can all agree that if we’re going to play any game, we can all do it the true blue (or green) way. And I mean by playing it in a sustainable way. That means, if you have kids who are trying out for “soccer” teams or American football teams, we can all share the spirit of teamwork by putting together a “community box” of gear.

Kids grow super fast and what fit last year probably won’t fit this year. So why not start a gear bank? You can just put out a box on your porch with a sign, “exchange a pair of shoes, cleats, shinguards, for another pair”. Then have the school put a little blurb in the newsletter, or even ask your community paper to add a little “community piece” to help parents stretch their budgets and keep good gear out of the landfills?

So, the next time when you think “GO BIG GREEN” you might be talking about that box out on your porch and a community effort to keep soccer sustainable…or even American Football.


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