Eco-Friendly Fathers Day Gift Ideas

enviro girlIt’s that time of year–to celebrate dear ‘ol dad, and it is possible to show him he’s special without adding undue harm to the environment by buying a bunch of stuff.  Here’s a list of eco-friendly Fathers Day gift ideas for whatever kind of dad you’re celebrating this June:

* Game tickets–splurge on box seats at a major league stadium or a day at a minor league park.  If your dad’s a sports fan, hook him up with a couple of tickets to watch a team event.

*  Local brew–whether a wine guy or a beer guy, introduce your father to a bottle or twelve-pack of something made in your region.  Reduce his “beer miles” while supporting the local economy.  Or try a nonalcoholic local brew by giving Dad fair trade coffee grounds.

*  Treat your dad to a round of golf or a game of bowling.  Quality time is more precious than a pair of socks or another new tie!

* Of course, if you are going to buy your dad socks, Enviro Girl recommends SmartWool socks for durability, sustainability and quality.

*  If your pop’s not savvy to environmental issues, he probably would still enjoy a solar-powered phone charger because lowering electrical bills never goes out of style.

*  Is your dad a grill guy?  Enviro Girl wholeheartedly recommends a chimney starter for charcoal grillers–he’ll never need lighter fluid again!  For advanced grillers, a package of woodchips or some locally produced marinades always impress!


* Music lovers always enjoy concert tickets, another great gift he’ll never need to dust or store.

* Enviro Girl has given her dad a new shrub for his yard.  Not sure what a gardening kind of guy needs to add to his landscaping?  A gift certificate to a local greenhouse or garden center is a good gift, too!

*  Enviro Girl has also given her dad books for Fathers Day.  He enjoys biographies best, or anything about business and investing.

Whether spending a LOT (like a day at a major league ballpark) or a little (bottle of local wine), it’s the thought that counts.  Write your favorite memories of your father or serenade him with a song when you give him his eco-friendly Fathers Day present, because the sentiment matters most.




4 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fathers Day Gift Ideas

  1. Great ideas! I’m making my dad some homemade hand salve. Great because you can completely customize the scent. (I’m doing rosemary and lemongrass.)

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