Tusks of Shame

green queen smallWe’ve all heard of Blood Diamonds…right? Well now we have to be aware of Blood Ivory.

Majestic animals are being hunted and killed for their ivory. Killing for profit. So what’s new? Not much. But we can’t let ourselves become immune by desensitization. The Battle for the Elephants gives these beautiful beasts a voice.

Poaching is creating a dramatic effect on the elephant population in Africa. Humans are harmful in lots of ways but merely encroaching on the elephants territory is not the biggest concern. People are poaching the tusks for the valuable ivory. It’s a crying shame in Tanzania. The animals are being brutalized for their tusks.

It would be similar to people being brutalized for their skin. If you take this commodity away from the living, breathing creatures, they’ll die. People can’t live without their skin and elephants can’t survive without their tusks. It’s horrible.

So, what can we do about it?

Awareness is the beginning. And, maybe think twice before buying anything with ivory in it.


2 thoughts on “Tusks of Shame

  1. That’s just so terribly sick.
    It makes me wonder what other resources are plundered for our pleasure. Long ago I determined not to be a ‘jewelry’ girl, to avoid diamonds. I don’t own any ivory or crocodile skin loafers…but now you’ve got me thinking!

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