Earth-friendly acne tips

RecyclaWhen Recycla entered her 40s, she found that she did not mind her milestone birthday at all. In fact, she has found it to be somewhat liberating.

What she does mind, however, is her skin. While she did not have acne when she was a teenager, she does now. Hoo boy, does she ever. Some days she wishes she could just wear a mask to cover her entire face.

Way back in the 80s, a teen’s skin care options were of the shock-and-awe variety: of the small selection of items available, they all zapped the heck out of one’s skin. Oh sure, the skin around that zit might dry out and flake off too, but at least you wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of a huge zit on your chin at the Homecoming dance. (Oh no, that particular joy was for the prom…)

In the past few years, as Recycla’s skin has betrayed her repeatedly, she has done a fair bit of research into skincare products and has been delighted to find that there are a lot more options, including products for “mature skin.” However, those are all conventional products, which means that virtually all contain ingredients that she’s not wild about.

So what’s available for us Eco Warriors? Luckily, a combination of lifestyle changes and eco products can help you have blemish-free skin:

Water-glassFirst of all, be aware of the relationship between your diet and your skin’s condition. Drink lots of water so as to flush out your body. Eat a diet high in fruits and veggies and unprocessed foods. It’s a myth that chocolate and pizza alone are responsible for oily skin, but fatty foods and refined sugars can cause problems for both your skin and your health in general.

Next, stress is also a factor in your skin’s condition. Get enough sleep and find ways to relieve stress — exercise and yoga are two ways. Chamomile is known for its ability to relax the body and this herb can also calm inflamed skin, so try chamomile tea at night.

taylor-s-kennedy-washing-hands-with-soap-and-waterUnfortunately, hormones do come into play, so you might not be able to avoid zits altogether. When they do pop up (so to speak), keep your hands off your face! While it will be tempting to mess with zits, the dirt and germs on your hands will add to the mess that’s already there. Instead, wash your hands with soap and water and then soak the offending bumps with a warm-to-hot wet washcloth. Even if this doesn’t cause the zit to open up, it should provide a bit of relief from the discomfort.

As for products to apply directly to your skin, tea tree oil has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, making it useful for combating bacteria on the skin that cause acne. A 5% solution works similarly to benzoyl peroxide but without causing your skin to dry up and flake off.

Another product to try is witch hazel, which contains high levels of tannins that make it good for a variety of skin conditions. Witch hazel can tighten pores and veins on the face, reducing inflammation and minimizing pores, while gently cleansing the skin. Unlike so many conventional products, witch hazel won’t dry out your skin.

Finally, an important thing to remember is to keep your skin clean. Wash your face every night before you go to sleep in order to wash off your makeup and the day’s general grime. Repeat in the morning to remove oils that built up overnight. Recycla uses a basic bar of face soap that she found at her local organic grocery store and a wash cloth to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have really great skin!


6 thoughts on “Earth-friendly acne tips

  1. Hi recycla I have a problem with scars on my legs that won’t heal (or won’t fade away D-:), any organic home remedies that you or your fellow ecowomen could suggest ? thanks – Lyonna

    • Another idea is Bio Oil, which you can find in CVS, Target, etc. It’s from Europe, so the formula is not a concern, in terms of ingredients. I’ve been using it for a few years. I was able to fade and soften scar tissue on some old scars. I also applied it to a new scar after surgery and now it’s almost completely invisible.

      • Ok I’ll try it 🙂 thank you 4 ur advice 😀 by the way sorry for the late reply I’ve been a little bit busy lately

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