Coffee, coffee, coffee

RecyclaNearly a year ago, Recycla had to replace her beloved coffee maker. She agonized over the decision and ended up buying an old fashioned percolator, just like the one her grandparents used when she was growing up.

imusa-aluminum-coffee-percolatorA year later, Recycla still has that percolator, but it hasn’t been used nearly as much as she thought it would be. While the percolator is great for making coffee for a larger group of people, it’s not the best way to make coffee for the sole coffee drinker in her house who usually has only one or two cups per day. In addition, the percolator took far more time to go from I need coffee to oh thank goodness, how fast will it hit my bloodstream.

So Recycla looked around at all the options again. The one she kept coming back to was the Keurig line of coffee makers. Surely you’ve seen them, as they are all the rage right now: They have those little single-use capsules of coffee and tea and brew your beverage of choice in the blink of an eye.

timthumb.phpRecycla was interested but didn’t consider them an option for her kitchen, as she didn’t want to buy those wasteful capsules. But then she heard about Ecobrew reusable filters and she was intrigued. She did some research, including polling her Facebook friends, and the reviews were favorable overall. She ultimately took the plunge, buying a Keurig on sale, then heading to her local Whole Foods to get one Ekobrew filter.

The verdict? She’s pleased. The process is easy: Scoop coffee or tea into the filter. Add water to the coffee maker. Put the filter in place. Push the start button. Wait patiently for up to two minutes. Afterward, clean up is a breeze. She dumps the grounds out, cleans the filter, and lets it air dry. Easy peasy.

If you think that coffee might make your tea taste odd, buy a second filter, which is what Recycla did. And if Recycla buys additional filters, she’s going to get one that is stainless steel, which is an option she didn’t know about when she bought the plastic ones.

Yes, the Ekobrew costs more up front, but you can search around for better prices. (Check Amazon.) Even more importantly, in the long run, you’ll save money. Depending on where you get those single-use Keurig capsules, they can cost $1-2 each. Recycla spent $10 for her Ekobrew filter and factoring in the cost of coffee beans, figures she recovered her investment in less than three weeks.

coffeebeancup-858158If you are wondering what kind of coffee to buy, check out this post from the Eco Women archives. And for general ways to make your coffee habit as environmentally friendly as possible, click here.

Tell the Eco Women: Are you a coffee drinker? How do you make yours?

Standard disclaimer: The Eco Women are not employed by the companies mentioned, nor were they asked to review their products. Photo credits, top to bottom: Yahoo Images, Ecobrew, Yahoo Images.



6 thoughts on “Coffee, coffee, coffee

  1. I like tea, but I NEED coffee. We have an automatic drip coffee maker which makes up to 12 cups – I usually make 8, which gives me 2 mugs and fills a travel mug for Hubs to take to work. We also have an Italian espresso machine, which Hubs uses every day for espresso, and I use to make cappuccino or lattes a couple times a month. My mom has a Keurig, and it is fun to use it when I’m there, but I hate the waste of the little capsules.

    • Dear god, I want to visit your house.

      Pete’s brother and his wife gave each other a $1,200 espresso machine last year for Christmas. I shudder at the price, but dream of mornings at their house. A friend of mine in England has one and every day she made the most divine cappuccinos with breakfast.

  2. We have an electric drip machine that lets you put your cup under it to get that first cup out as it’s still brewing. Good for two people but for my mom, a widow living alone, this looked like a good option, but I cringed at the price of the individual cups. Now this reusable cup sounds like just the ticket.

    The key is to have friends who have that luscious machine!

  3. I love my Keurig, although I went thru 2 of them and have now settled on the Cuisinart brand. I splurge for pumpkin spice k-cups occasionally, but order them from at a price of $0.58 each and of course use them as treats!

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