RecyclaNewYearLike so many other people, Recycla has been thinking about the old year and pondering the new one. She doesn’t tend to make resolutions, but usually focuses instead on goals. For the past couple of years, she has been setting small monthly ones, but this year she is pondering three or four large ones that she will focus on all year.

A couple of days ago, Recycla read this article at Treehugger about moderation and it resonated with her. So many people are gung-ho about their new year’s resolutions and then dive head-first into major changes, many of which are not sustainable. So then all resolutions are broken by March, which leads to people feeling imperfect and like a failure, which leads to them doing nothing at all about their resolutions for the rest of the year.

Moderation, however, is doable. Attainable. Realistic. Pick one or two easy goals and work toward those. Then pick something else and work on it. And so on. So many people pledge to lose weight in January and while that is a good goal for some folks, going on a starvation/deprivation diet isn’t the way to go. It’s not realistic, sustainable, or even healthy. Instead, those folks would do well to make simple changes — going through the drive-thru less often (or not at all), cutting back on sodas, eating more fruits and vegetables.

Living an eco life doesn’t have to be about deprivation either. The Eco Women are all big fans of moderation when going green. Of the six of us, none of us is perfectly eco. While Recycla doesn’t drive much and instead often relies on biking or walking to get around, she admits that she does not compost, nor does she hang her laundry out to dry. The other Eco Women also practice moderation in their own lives and try to find balance between what they can do and what will not work for them.

So Recycla has been thinking about her life as a whole and making decisions about 2013. Moderation is part of her plan — she’ll be moderate when she makes goals and will work toward them steadily, revising and updating as she goes along.

She will practice moderation in her consumption of materials and use of her family’s money. Rather than giving in to any whim that strikes her, she’ll step back and think a bit. This means cutting back on impulse purchases at the grocery store (especially where chocolate is concerned) and other places she shops, which means she’ll save money and resources in the long run.

Recycla will also exercise moderation with her health and fitness. She trained for a half marathon and a 10-miler last year and those miles were hard on her body, especially her knees. She’ll ease up a bit this year. She doesn’t need to run 10 miles at a time; 2-4 will be just fine. She’ll still be physically active, but she’ll mix things up more — biking more, doing a little more yoga, and even swimming. She’d also like to try some new things and see what she likes. And Recycla will be moderate with her food choices too. She’ll enjoy that first helping of pasta, but not have the second. She’ll enjoy one or two squares of good quality dark chocolate, but she won’t eat the whole bar.

Moderation. Yes, that’s Recycla’s goal for 2013.

What about you? Do you have a goal for the new year?


2 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. I think I had a similar idea with my word for 2013: simplify.
    I definitely want to pare down, weed out, and make what is left word in the most efficient way possible.

    As an aside, the banner at the top of the blog is HUGE, which means a lot of scrolling to even see if you have a new post or not. Just an FYI.

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