New Year’s Resolutions

EcoWomenNewYearWith 2013 here, you’re probably thinking about making some resolutions for the new year. The Eco Women encourage you to think about your eco goals.

While many people make grand sweeping resolutions for an entire year, the fact is, those resolutions rarely make it to the spring thaw intact. So instead, why not try something different, such as setting small goals every week or month.

For example, in January you might try taking shorter showers — if you are under the shower head for 10 minutes, shoot for nine. A week or two or four later, see if you can get it down to eight minutes.¬†While it might not seem like much of a difference, if you knock a minute off your showers every day for a year, you’ve saved more than six hours of your time and countless gallons of water along the way.

Tell the Eco Women: Have you set any eco goals for the coming month or year?

Happy New Year from the Eco Women!


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