More eco gift giving ideas

RecyclaXmasLast week, Recycla talked about giving experiences for Christmas. The fact is, not everyone wants to give experiences or perhaps the idea won’t work for some reason, so this week, Recycla is going to talk about some other Earth-friendly ideas.

This time of year is when the most waste is produced in the U.S. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we generate 25% more than we do the other 11 months of the year. Recycla remembers reading a statistic a few years ago that 80% of what is bought at Walmart in December ends up in landfills within six months. Whether or not that is an accurate figure, the fact is, a lot of stuff does ended up trashed.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Before you buy that plastic thingamabob for your Aunt Myrtle consider other gifts. There are two Earth-friendly ways you can shop and give:

  1. crane-stationeryGive a disposable gift. The kind that’s meant to be used up. Buy Aunt Myrtle some stationary, a pen, and stamps. Buy your nephews a DVD they’ve been wanting and add some popcorn and hot cocoa mix to the gift. One year, Recycla’s neighbor gave her family a wedge of a locally made cheese, along with some fabulous crackers. Yum.
  2. P00027992-BLAIRE-LEATHER-RIDING-BOOTS-STANDARD__21777_zoomGive quality. Instead of giving your mother a cheap sweater that will fall apart after too many washes, go in with your siblings and get her a nicer one that will last for years. Earlier this year, Recycla’s mother and sister gave her older daughter a pair of boots she had wanted for a couple of years. They’re well made and her feet have stopped growing, so the teen will have them for years.

By giving thoughtful gifts  that either will not take up space for very long OR by buying quality gifts that will last a long time, you are actually being a thoughtful Eco Warrior. And Planet Earth thanks you for that.

Tell the Eco Women: Will you be using any of these ideas this year?



2 thoughts on “More eco gift giving ideas

  1. Enduring gifts keep on giving every time the recipient looks, wears, or uses the item. My elderly mom, whose two main day time activities after her walk are reading and television, truly enjoys the large screen TV we all bought her last year. She’s learned to record her favorite shows for when she falls asleep during them; the noise keeps her company as she’s fiercely independent and lives alone with her beagle. The screen is large and colorful and easy to see. She enjoys it every single day of the year.

    This year we will give her a gift certificate to have her hair done for many weeks, her one guilty pleasure!

  2. I’m a big fan of giving “consumable” gifts–candles, chocolates, wine, gift cards to restaurants. Here’s to not giving crap people won’t like/use!

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