Happy Halloween!

It’s October 31 — one of the greatest days in a kid’s year. Help keep it safe for everyone, including the people coming to your front door tonight, by taking a few simple precautions:

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First and foremost, be safe with fire. Every year, children and adults alike are burned by accidental contact between costumes and lit jack o’ lanterns. Instead of using candles, use white Christmas lights, some other form of electric- or battery-powered light, or even glowsticks. Yes, that’s right, Recycla is advocating a less eco approach — human safety always trumps environmental concerns. She once knew someone who had a terrible accident with his Halloween costume and a lit jack o’ lantern and she’ll be fire-shy on Halloween for life as a result.

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If you do insist on using candles in your jack o’ lanterns, do not put them on the sidewalk or ground where someone could brush against them. Instead, set them off to the side out of the way. And definitely have a bucket of water handy to douse the fire at the end of the night. Late-night Halloween house fires are an all-too-common 911 call that the fire department has to respond to every year.

If you are welcoming trick or treaters to your home, make sure the sidewalk and path leading to your house are well lit. If you are escorting costumed kids around, carry flashlights and make sure everyone is visible in some way — glowsticks, reflective tape, etc. Stick to the sidewalk whenever possible and be aware of traffic around you. Consider skipping masks, but it that isn’t possible, at least make sure that the eye holes are large enough for the wearer to be able to actually see.

For more guidelines, see the CDC’s list of helpful safety tips. And here is a list for pet owners.

These aren’t eco-friendly tips, but as Recycla said before, human safety trumps all. Be safe and have fun tonight.

Happy Halloween!


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