Food Day

October 24 is Food Day here in the U.S. — a national day of celebration and recognition of sustainable farms, food access, environmental responsibility, and yes: REAL Food!

Why Food Day?

The goal of Food Day is to bring together Americans to seek healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable, humane way. With any luck, this effort will transform the American diet.

Your local farmers’ market is a great place to get fresh food and even get cooking recommendations from the farmers. (Yahoo Images)

Let’s talk in real terms about how eating real food is good for YOU:

  • You will improve your diet and you’ll feel better. As long as you’re eating a well-rounded group of healthy foods and not, say, only homemade cakes and cookies, you’ll also reduce the possibility you’ll develop diet-related diseases, including diabetes.
  • When you eat real food, you send a message that McCrap and other boxed industrial foods are not acceptable. Why eat mass-produced food-like substances when you can eat something fresh, something amazing?
  • When you buy from your local farmers, you keep your food dollars in your community, helping your neighbors.

Teach your children well. You’ll make more than food — you’ll make memories for life. (Yahoo Images)

Big picture: The Eco Women want to get Americans cooking real food for their families again. We want fewer people eating McCrap. Celebrate today (and every day) with fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole grains. Support the local farmers who produce them. We want all Americans to be able to have healthy diets and avoid obesity, heart disease, and other diet-related conditions.

It’s all connected — the diets we select, the foods we grow, the policies we form, and the impact we have. Eat something great today. It’s time to get real about food. And go to the Food Day website and learn more.

Have a great day!


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