Decorating Your Harvest Festival Table

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this time of year: kids going back to school, warm days-cool nights, the holidays edging their way around the corner, fantastic fall foods, the list could go on and on and the Harvest is just one of the reasons but since it’s here, why not use the Earth’s bounty to help decorate around the house?

No need to spend any money, just go for a walk out in the yard. Look for pine cones, nuts, squash, even leaves and seeds. These items can help you set your table with style.

Simply hang the wreath above the table, over the door or even put it on the table as a centerpiece. You could also set the squash on the table as a centerpiece arrangement and then cook it the next day for dinner.

There are so many ways you can use things out of the yard to decorate your house and table. It will be free and funtastic . . . while staying sustainable. What could be better?


One thought on “Decorating Your Harvest Festival Table

  1. And lovely and authentic! It makes me nuts to see the faux, perfumed pinecones for sale by the bag at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can gather them for FREE! I decorate with gourds, squash and pinecones, too.
    Real ones, of course.

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