Real food is real good

Over the years, Recycla and the other Eco Women have talked with you about Real Foods and why eating McCrap is a bad idea — for your health, for your wallet, and for Planet Earth.

For a long time, Recycla and her family ate the same crap that most other Americans eat. Then, about six years ago, one of her daughters had some health issues. As Recycla read and learned more, she realized that making some easy dietary changes might be beneficial — not just for her daughter, but for the entire family. She started making easy changes — less processed food, more real food. As she tackled and mastered something new, she’d try something else.

Along the way, Recycla’s daughters have learned to cook too and now don’t need much help (if any) from Recycla or her husband when they’re puttering around the kitchen. On Monday, the girls worked together to bake a double batch of brownies for the younger one to take to school and share on her birthday on Tuesday. Recycla loved the way the older sister and younger sister worked as a team on their project. The brownies were easy to make and not much more involved than using a mix, but certainly tastier and less expensive.

These days, if you were to take a look in Recycla’s kitchen, you wouldn’t see any foods sweetened with high fructose syrup, nor would you see very many processed foods. You will see some boxes and bags in the pantry — organic graham crackers, pretzels, and a few other things like that. Recycla could conceivably make those snacks, but she believes in moderation.

Food should not be complicated but Americans have made it unnecessarily so. Eating is one of the most basic things that humans do. So why has it become so difficult, so fraught with danger? People all over the world eat Real Food every day and aren’t suffering from an epidemic of food-related obesity and illnesses, nor are they eating genetically modified foods loaded with chemicals and crap.

So with all this in mind, Recycla has two resources to share today:

The first is a blog: 100 Days of Real Food. This is a great resource and will show you that eating Real Food doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming or difficult. If you’re just starting out on your Real Food journey, go to the Start Here page first. If jumping into all Real Foods, all the time for 100 days might be too much for you, what about trying it for just 10 days instead? Or try their mini pledges.

The other resource is a book that’s been around and it’s possible you’ve read it already:  Food Rules by Michael Pollan. This book distills everything you need to know about food into a small pocket-sized publication and reminds the reader that food is not complicated, so don’t make it so.

And on that note, Recycla needs to end this and go grab her bike.  Today is her husband’s birthday and she’s going to roll over to the market to pick up a few things for a special dinner tonight.

Tell the Eco Women: Where are you on your Real Foods journey?


2 thoughts on “Real food is real good

  1. No McCrap here, NEVER, but never really liked it so no problem. Hardly any processed food, no ready to go meals. I make everything from scratch, usually. In any way there are more real food around in Norway, but the problem is young people don’t have any knowledge and don’t know how to cook. The parents and the schools forgot to tell them how…

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