Living Off the Land Goes a Little More Mainstream

Part of the “environmental” movement is getting back to the land.  Respecting it, using it, working on it, living off it.  Enviro Girl gardens and feels ridiculously proud when 2/3 of a meal comes from her own effort.  There’s a sense of ownership mixed with accomplishment when she can grow her own tomatoes, peppers, onions and squash.  Living off the land can include creating your own energy–Enviro Girl has friends who take great pride in how much electricity their solar panels generate for their households.  And living off the land can even mean raising your own food for your family or for profit.  To that end, Williams-Sonoma has a new line of Agrarian products designed for the upscale beekeeper, chicken farmer or jam canner.  From DIY kits (which would make fabulous gifts) to tools and start-up packages, Williams-Sonoma offers the gamut of gorgeous and nifty things.  Check it out:

A cider and wine press for home brewing.

A chicken coop for housing posh poultry.

A backyard beehive to make honey harvesting a cinch.

Even a cheese making kit!

Enviro Girl does not work for Williams-Sonoma, nor  has she been compensated for this post in any way (though she’s open to offers for a free chicken coop or garden tools).  She is, however, an admirer of beautiful and useful things.  Any company working to encourage people to live off the land a bit more is wonderful.  Enviro Girl has long desired to raise chickens, but she’s not handy enough to build her own coop.  This is the first ready-to-use coop she’s ever come across.  Ditto on the beekeeping.  Enviro Girl has honey bees living near her house, but she doesn’t know exactly how to bring them closer so she can harvest their honey.  There’s a growing market for these products that make growing and raising our own food easier and accessible.  Cheers to Williams-Sonoma for tapping into that market and encouraging people to grow/raise their own food with a practical and creative product line.



One thought on “Living Off the Land Goes a Little More Mainstream

  1. There are several places out there that offer ready-to-go coops. Having looked at the prices of Williams Sonama canning equipment, I’m going to guess that you can find the same items elsewhere far, far less expensive.

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