CD’s are going the way of vinyl

With more and more people downloading music and movies, CD’s and DVD’s are being phased out and people are now looking to get rid of their old movies and tunes. In fact, a friend emailed Recycla just last week and asked for advice on what to do with hundreds of shiny silver discs that were taking up space in her house.

Here’s what Recycla came up with:

  1. You could sell your old movies and albums on eBay,, Craiglist, etc. and earn a little (or a lot) money.
  2. You could donate them to a homeless shelter, a nursing home, the waiting room of a children’s hospital, or some other local-non-profit and get the tax write-off.
  3. Recycla uses old CDs in her garden — she hangs them to her tomato cages in an attempt to deter the deer. (Supposedly, the light hitting the shiny metallic surface spooks deer, although Recycla isn’t convinced.) (Or maybe she just has ultra-brave deer attempting to eat her tomatoes.)
  4. A quick search of Google gave Recycla dozens of ideas for repurposing old CDs and DVDs into other uses. This Pinterest board has loads of great ideas. Other links are here, here, here, and here.
  5. If you’re just desperate to get the old discs out of your house, check Earth 911 to discover options where you live.

Whatever you do, please don’t just throw them away.

Tell the Eco Women: What ideas do you have for getting rid of old CDs and DVDs?


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