Here’s how to go green without feeling BLUE on the 4th!

Use “real” plates, linen napkins and glasses – no throw aways. Keep your party out of the landfill.

We can party and protect the planet at the same time. Simply BLB – yep, buy local beef

And produce and fruit – not just on the 4th but whenever you can.

And how about a light show instead of “fire”works?

Have you ever seen Disney’s Fantasia – why not host a neighborhood party by playing the movie out on your garage door and invite the neighborhood kids over to watch it in the yard. It can turn into a sleepover, faux camping, with everyone laying out on a sleeping bag – at least during the movie.

And, who can watch a movie or have any fun without popcorn? How ’bout red, white and blue popcorn balls to munch on during the show?

Or, if you don’t want to go to all that trouble, serve baggies of red-white-and blue M-n-Ms.

But whatever you do – have a safe, healthy and happy 4th!


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