Cool in the kitchen

Summer is nearly here and with it, the heat and humidity that Recycla hates so very much. While the temps aren’t nearly as bad as they’re going to get in the next two months, they’re edging closer. Recycla has mentioned to you before that this time of year she employs various strategies for staying cooler and she has more to share with you today.

Even though Recycla’s home is air conditioned, during the summer she doesn’t particularly feel like spending a lot of time in a hot kitchen when making dinner, so she has been thinking of ways to keep cool while cooking.  She grew up in a house without AC, so she remembers that summer meals were light and often included a lot of raw veggies.  Here’s what else she’s been doing:

  • For starters, Recycla minimizes oven use.  The family is eating a lot of simple foods, including salads and pastas, instead of their winter meals of stews, soups, roasts, and more.
  • Some meals are grilled outside. Yes, it’s hot for Recycla’s husband (the grillmaster), but at least the heat is outside, where it belongs.
  • She uses the microwave to heat up some foods.
  • She bakes bread in the bread machine instead of the oven.
  • She’s using her slow cooker when possible.
  • If cooking something small, Recycla uses the toaster oven, as it produces much less heat.
  • If using the oven is necessary, she tries to cook everything at once and then doesn’t open the oven door unless she absolutely has to.

Like Recycla said earlier, her house is air conditioned, so she doesn’t have to be careful with heat in the kitchen; however, she chooses to do so in order to keep her AC from having to work harder and therefore use more energy.

Tell the Eco Women:  What’s your favorite meal on a hot summer day?


One thought on “Cool in the kitchen

  1. We don’t have central AC, so we eat alot of salads and bruschettas for dinner. Unfortunately, canning, perhaps my most favorite summer kitchen activity, where I preserve our garden and other locally grown produce for the winter months, can really heat up the kitchen. I try to get up early and get going first thing in the morning, to avoid heating the house up in the middle of the day. I try to keep the kitchen closed off, so that the heat stays mostly contained to that room. If there is a cold front in August, you can bet I’m going to spend it canning.

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