More Trash Talk

As part of our exploration into trash, Enviro Girl is tracking what she throws in the garbage–a bit like counting calories or writing down every expenditure.  To solve the trash problem (of 7 pounds per person per day in America), you have to understand it first.  Enviro Girl considers herself to be well below the norm in trash production, but she’s tracking her trash because you never know what surprises you’ll find digging in the garbage…

Yesterday Enviro Girl threw away a q-tip and the seal on a bottle in the bathroom wastebasket.  Their kitchen is where most trash gets tossed and in the kitchen they threw away: 1 bag from a cereal box, 1 bag from a package of cookies, 1 Twinkie wrapper, a milk cap, the plastic cap to a carton of oatmeal, 2 butter wrappers, an unrecyclable plastic honey container & lid, some moldy cheese, a greasy napkin, crumbs, the plastic seal off a container, the butcher paper off a pound of ground beef.

One day into this experiment and it’s obvious that food packaging is the dominant category of garbage at Enviro Girl’s house.  Although this could be considered “household trash” since most of it came from the family eating a snack, dinner and breakfast together, Enviro Girl will credit it to herself and believe it weighs in at about 2 pounds total.

Tell the Eco Women:  What’s in your trash can since yesterday?  Are you above or below the national average of 7 pounds of garbage a day?


6 thoughts on “More Trash Talk

  1. I like the topic, it is soooo important. I live in the norwegian countyside and we have a very good system for recycling, much better than the cities. More or less every fraction, so my normal bin is more or less empty, always, but for a few q-tips and stuff like that.. Paper + plastic is collected, food I compost, the rest I have to deliver 5 min. from here (wood, clothes, metal, chemicals, electronics, batteries etc)…

    • We have to make an effort for cloth/batteries/electronics, but our house does. I’ve heard Europe has a much better handle on this issue than Americans.

  2. Similar packaging trash for us, but slightly less.

    We can recycle almost all plastics, so those don’t go in our trash. (Plus, I’m saving all plastic bottle and milk jug caps for a future craft project.)

  3. All paper type things we put into compost(paper,napkins etc). We use the inside bags of the cereal boxes as our trash bag and it takes us(a family of four) about 2 weeks to fill it. The biggest part is those darn tetra-paks(Soy Milk) but I have now found some local VT soy milk in recyclable containers! Yay!! Most plastic caps now have a recycle symbol so these can be recycled too! Good work everyone for thinking about this!

    • I compost most of the napkins, but ones with meat grease on them have to go in the garbage unless we want a big mess in our yard! Sounds like your household is ROCKING the low trash goal!

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