International Women’s Day

Today, fellow Eco Warriors, is International Women’s Day. Celebrated on March 8 every year, this day is meant to celebrate women and their work. This year’s theme is Empower Women — End Hunger and Poverty.

While International Women’s Day isn’t an eco celebration, per se, the Eco Women feel that it is important to make note of this day and take the time to remember all of the women around the world who are doing their parts to make life better, whether it’s through small actions or great ones.

Look around your community. What non-profits can you support that help women in need? Is there a women’s shelter or an organization that helps women get job training? How can you help other women in your town?

And what about women-owned businesses? Do you support those? The Eco Women do and some of their favorites include VZ Wraps (which sells reusable cloth gift bags) and Sweet Spot Skirts (cute sport skirts for women of all body shapes and sizes). In their hometowns, the Eco Women support women at farmers’ markets, in locally-owned shops, and through other businesses like woman photographers, massage therapists, and more.

On a larger scale, there’s Global Girlfriend, a shop that helps women worldwide gain economic security while providing you unique products and a simple way to help women in need. Their Fair Trade boutique offers women-made products while offering women in need a way to support themselves and their families. Ten Thousand Villages is another online shop that offers woman-made Fair Trade products.

So take a moment today to think about the women in your life and the ones you haven’t met but have heard about — the ones who are doing what they can to make the world a better place. Think about what you can do too.

Tell the Eco Women: What woman or women do you admire and why?


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