Don’t flush the tigers

Recycla has talked about toilet paper before, but it bears repeating: Buying conventional TP made from virgin fibers is a terrible idea. This is an eco sin reserved almost exclusively for Americans, where most toilet paper is not made from any recycled content and, in fact, far too much of it is coming from old-growth forests.

So imagine her dismay to find out that Americans’ desire for super soft cushy TP and other paper goods is negatively impacting endangered tigers in Sumatra, where more than half of the forests have been pulped into American paper products.

Luckily, you can easily do your part to slow down the deforestation. Start buying TP, paper towels, and napkins made from recycled content. It’s that simple. If you want to do even more, switch from paper towels to cloth rags and start using cloth napkins on occasion. You’ll not only produce less waste, you’ll spend less money in the process.

To learn more, click on the WWF link above.

Tell the Eco Women: Do you use recycled content paper goods?


7 thoughts on “Don’t flush the tigers

  1. We use 7th generation TP and I do keep a roll or two of their paper towels around– I hide them, though. They are reserved for bacon and Incidents With The Cat– otherwise we use rags/ cloth napkins for everything.

  2. One of the long list of reasons I LIKE Whole Foods is that they have a whole selection of TP made from recycled paper and at great prices.

    We only use cloth napkins, with the only exception being our big May party, when disposable make an appearance. Even the little kid birthday parties we throw use cloth napkins. I’ve switched to recycled paper towels, but I can’t find them in the ‘select-a-size’ that I favor. We use them sparingly – there are times they are more handy than cloth towels.

  3. I never use paper towels, we’ve drastically reduced our use of paper napkins, but toilet paper. They don’t even sell a brand of recycled content TP at any stores around here except the tiny organic food store.

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