12 in 12

12 in 2012

The Green Queen thinks this is an easy way to remember your goals for the year: simply set 12 goals for 2012.

Check out this list and pick out a few or make a few of your own.

• Buy fewer items in plastic containers.
• At work, purchase a drink glass with a unique design (so you can easily tell which one is yours)
• Bring your own travel coffee mug to your local coffee shop and ask if you can leave it there – some smaller shops will let you do this.

• Only print documents from the web, if you need to keep them, otherwise hold down your control button and the “print screen” button at the same time. Then simply go to a Word/WordPerfect document and hit your control + the “v” button. This will give you a document you can save on your hard drive with no need to print it out.
• Print on both sides of the paper.
• Use the reverse side of documents such as scrap paper and notepads.

If you’re already recycling, simply step up your efforts. The list of reusable items – from coffee filters to sandwich bags – is growing every day.

The Green Queen uses plastic baggies to store food and then reuses the baggies for walks with the dog.

Recycling at Work:
*Create trash hubs so you make it easier for everyone to participate. Put recycling containers and trash cans in the same area.
*Clearly label all bins with decals/signage of what is acceptable recycling materials. This includes trash cans which should be labeled “trash only—no recyclables.”
*Use different colored bins. Recycling bins should look different from trash cans.
*Use disposable bags only when necessary. If a bin is only collecting clean paper, do not use plastic liners.
*Educate. Tell people exactly what to do and send periodic reminders.

Recycling at Home
*Keep a set place to store recyclables.
*Ask your local trash company if they recycle. Or, once a week take your recycling to the local recycling bank.
*Cancel unwanted mail deliveries and newspapers, or read news and magazines online.
*Reuse paper around the house as scrap paper or packing material. Envelopes can also be reused.

The Green Queen is hoping this list will inspire you to pick one of two goals or maybe you’ll be able to do 12 in 12.

If you have a few ideas, please post them in the comments section to help inspire others.


3 thoughts on “12 in 12

  1. I also buy at the local farmers’s market as much as I can! The packaging is always less then commericlally packaged items.– But I am sure all of you are already doing that!!!

  2. I have recently found recycled, unbleached parchment paper and cupcake liners to cook with that can be composted when you’re done. Bonus? They are both cheaper than the not-compostable alternative.

  3. We buy milk in returnable bottles–it reduced our recycling by a LOT. And we rarely buy individually packaged food items, which reduces much packaging waste.
    Great ideas. Am a big fan of parchment paper, too!

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