Odor Eaters

Saturday afternoon Enviro Girl nearly gagged when she returned home.  The wrapping from Thursday night’s chicken dinner had finally reached its prime–one of the most unbearable stenches.  It was time to take out the trash and Enviro Girl reached for her trusty spray bottle of vinegar water to neutralize the odor.

We’ve all been there–stinky situations abound in houses where food rots, kids vomit and drains plug up. Before you head out to buy dangerous toxic chemical fixes like Febreze or Glade Plug-Ins, check your pantry for these items that will naturally purify the air AND not pollute the environment:

* Equal parts distilled white vinegar and water will clean any carpets and fabrics, leaving them smelling like nothing at all once dried. Use this for pet stains, people stains, food stains and mystery stains.
* Bowls of vinegar set around a house will absorb any odors, including cigarette smoke, by the next morning.
* Baking soda sprinkled in a drain or in a garbage will take out the stink.  So will grinding up a chunk of lemon or lime in your garbage disposal.
* A box of baking soda will eliminate fridge odors–just keep another box in your pantry for baking needs.
* An old sock stuffed with coffee beans will keep coolers and freezers smelling fresh whether in use or in storage.
* Stuff shoes with newspaper to absorb odors and moisture when you’re storing them for any length of time.
* Chewing parsley will help fend off bad breath (on you, not on others!).

Each of these items cost less than a dollar, so they’re easy on both your budget and our planet.

It’s important to note that clean surfaces don’t carry odor, as in Enviro Girl’s kitchen, once she took out the trash and wiped out the inside of her garbage bin, that nasty kitchen smell was nothing but a bad memory.  You can layer good smells over bad–burn candles, spray air fresheners, sprinkle potpourri–but if you address the cause, you won’t have to sweat the smells.


4 thoughts on “Odor Eaters

  1. Chicken in the trash is the worst. Gag. Our trash is picked up on Mondays and I always seem to cook chicken on Monday nights, which means we then have the carcass in the garbage for nearly a week. It’s especially bad in the summer. Blech.

  2. I HATE the smell of any sort of air freshener. Makes me gag. It’s like patchouli for rooms. You know that the second note just behind that first foul odor is going to be nasty.

    I did not know the newspaper in stinky shoes trick. I definitely need to do that for some shoes around here.

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