Love Me Green on Valentine’s Day: A Message for Men

The pressure began after Christmas–the commercials urging men to buy their loved ones diamonds, jewelry, stuffed animals with cute sayings embroidered on red satin hearts.  Enviro Girl appreciates the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day, but she’s hoping for a token of affection that she doesn’t have to dust.  In short, love her, baby, but love her with less stuff.  Here’s a short list of Valentine’s Day gifts that would make any red-blooded woman feel weak in the knees:

1)  Gift certificate for a spa treatment–pamper her with a facial, massage, manicure or pedicure.

2)  Concert tickets–music is the food of love, you know.

3)  Tickets to a sporting event–nothing like a little competition to get those juices flowing.

4)  Dinner at a restaurant–a nice meal she doesn’t have to shop for, prepare or clean up afterward. Bonus points if the restaurant doesn’t have a TV, kids menu or waitstaff wearing suspenders.

5)  Theater tickets–really, any excuse to get dressed up and go out puts a girl in the mood.

6)  A nice bottle of wine can lubricate the mood just fine.

7)  Tell you what, honey, you arrange for a babysitter and plan a night out–whether it’s bowling, a movie, hiking at a state park or sitting in a bar eating peanuts and drinking tap beer, the fact that you’d make the effort to spend quality time together speaks volumes.
Tell the Eco Women, ladies.  What’s the Valentine’s Day gift that fills you with passion?


2 thoughts on “Love Me Green on Valentine’s Day: A Message for Men

  1. Ugh, I hate Valentine’s Day themed stuff and am actually less romantic than my spouse. He has it easy when it comes to holidays! The conventional gifts — chocolates, flowers, and jewelry — all tend to be pretty bad for the planet. My spouse is thoughtful and considerate year round, so I think Valentine’s Day should be when *I* make more of an effort. Your list wasn’t directed at women, but I think he’d love it if I made him dinner, cleaned up (usually his job!), and gave him a massage. 🙂

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