Put Your Money Where Your MOUTH Is

Life is hectic but we all have to eat. Some of us just don’t have time to cook. So, when you need to eat out, don’t give up on health just to get your food fast. If you think ahead, you’ll be prepared. A little thinking time now, will mean that you’ll be able to get your meal in a hurry from a company that uses sustainable practices and offers a quality meal in a hurry.

One such company the Green Queen likes to tell people about is Burgerville USA. This company composts, recycles and buys its produce and meat locally. It also pays 95% of its employees’ healthcare premiums. And considering that this is a “fast-food” company, I like to support these business practices by eating at Burgerville when I run out of time and need to feed my family fast.

I’d rather spend an extra dollar to keep companies buying products locally, which helps keep my community vital and thriving. I’m also willing to spend a little bit more on a company that treats it’s employees well. That companies’ employees are also my neighbors.

I want to help sustain jobs in my own community. So, why wouldn’t I eat here? It simply makes sense…sustainable sense.

So, the next time you’re thinking of eating out…put your money where your MOUTH is. Promote companies that buy locally grown and raised produce and products and remember to check out the companies in your own neighborhood before you run out of time and need to eat in a hurry. That way, you’ll be ready to make the right choice.


4 thoughts on “Put Your Money Where Your MOUTH Is

  1. If I lived in your area, I’d totally go there. Here in my town, we have a great burger place that is locally owned and serves beef from local farms. My family has eaten there often enough (usually 1-2 X/month) that we have the same waitress every time and she even remembers my younger daughter’s somewhat odd regular order.

  2. Amen!
    We always patronize the locally owned and operated, but I especially love the ones that serve up locally produced food.

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