Recycla’s Eco Resolutions for 2012

Since Enviro Girl shared her eco resolutions for 2012 yesterday, Recycla thought she’d share hers today so that you can see that even within the Eco Women, their goals differ greatly. Because even here within the group of six Eco Women, they are at different places in their eco-ness and what they can do and are willing to do.  For example, the Green Mommy lives in a major city and doesn’t own a car, so she walks or takes the subway to get around. On the other end of the spectrum, Enviro Girl and Eco Lassie live in rural areas and rely on their cars for nearly 100% of their transportation needs. In between, Recycla, the Green Clean, and Captain Compost are able to walk and bike sometimes, but sometimes also need to drive.

So, as you’ll see, Recycla’s goals for 2011 and the ones she’s planning for 2012 vary (greatly, in some cases) from Enviro Girl’s because the two co-founders of Eco Women live different lives and are able to do different things. That’s the beauty of trying to make a difference on Planet Earth and do what you can to be eco: There is no one way; there are a lot of ways you can do your part.

So, looking back at Recycla’s goals for 2011:

  • In an attempt to declutter her house and pare down her possessions, she resolved to REFUSE before reducing, reusing, and recycling.  She also planned to declutter her home and even blogged about her plan.  The results were mixed — she did a reasonable job of refusing, but admits she could have been better at it. As for decluttering, she made a good start, but wasn’t able to deal with everything on her list, as she met with strong resistance from her husband and daughters.
  • She also wanted to install at least one rain barrel in her garden but she never got around to it. Part of this has to do with the odd placement of her gutters — the rain barrels would be in inconvenient locations and not at all near her garden.
  • She tracked her family’s No Drive Days for the second year in a row and that project was successful — they went from 51 days in 2010 to 61 in 2011.
  • Finally, she wanted to plant a large kitchen garden and preserve much of her bounty.  Again, she had mixed results. She planted a lot, but many of her plants didn’t make it through an extreme heat wave in late July. She was able to freeze some of her bounty and got more from the farmers’ market, but she never got around to canning anything.

So, as you can see, even the Eco Women aren’t always successful in their eco efforts.

Looking ahead to 2012, Recycla has three main goals:

  • She wants her family to have at least 50 No Drive Days.
  • She also wants to be more mindful of her overall spending and consumption so that she buys less while also saving more money. She will be making fewer purchases and when she does buy, for example, shoes or clothes, she’ll be investing in higher quality items that will last longer. She also plans to do less shopping at stores that sell cheap, mass-produced clothes (possibly made by underpaid workers in Asia) and instead will shop more at thrift, consignment, and vintage shops. That’s not to say that Recycla won’t shop at chain stores, but she’ll be very mindful of her purchases and will consider them carefully.
  • Finally, Recycla wants to continue decluttering and organizing her house. This is an ongoing, lifelong project, but Recycla includes it here anyway because she really truly would like to get rid of her husband’s old VCR, among other things.

So those are Recycla’s eco goals for 2012.  What about you? Do you have any?


4 thoughts on “Recycla’s Eco Resolutions for 2012

  1. I’m a fan of these resolutions – especially the reduction of sweatshop goods purchases. I haven’t totally cut out shopping in cheap chain stores, but now that I ask myself something like “this Target t-shirt was most likely made by child labor in a sweatshop, do I really really need it?” – I find that it’s much easier to only buy what I really need.

  2. Buying less is a great goal–I made that a goal a couple years ago and can easily walk through Target buying only the consumable items like toilet paper and dish soap. I think it can become habit!

  3. Me too- it gives me great pleasure to NOT buy stuff, and my savings account is benefitting! I would love to stop driving but live in an area where this is a tall order. Bicyclists around here get hit by cars frequently. ggrrrrr.
    Sure am glad I found you all. I will feel less isolated now, in my quest to live lightly on the earth.

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