Enviro Girl’s Resolutions for 2012 (and how she did in 2011)

Enviro Girl views New Year’s Resolutions as a way to evolve.  Each year she sets personal goals, sometimes with the intent of changing her habits and behavior and sometimes just to challenge her personal development.  Over the years she has adopted “greener” behaviors, like diligently composting food scraps and recycling plastic bags.  Let’s recap her 2011 resolutions:

Enviro Girl wants to bake bread, which will reduce the waste generated by her family and increase their consumption of healthy ingredients.  They plan to plant 100 tree seedlings on their property.  They are also going to go meatless at least one day per week.  Finally, they want to make more gifts instead of buying them.

Enviro Girl successfully completed all of her 2011 resolutions! The bread making went well and now her bread maker has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.  She started out with basic white and by the end of a couple of months had several whole grain loaf recipes mastered.  Her crew ended up planting 150 trees and last time they checked, most are doing okay.  They also went meatless very nicely once a week at her house and Enviro Girl even found a few veggie meals that Mr. D LOVED!   The homemade gift idea worked out pretty well since most people LOVE jam and applesauce.   They also effectively reduced giving some “stuff” as part of their holiday traditions.

In reflecting on her goals for 2011, Enviro Girl feels most proud of the bread making endeavor.  It resulted in less waste (no more plastic bread bags) and more wholesome ingredients.  Since Mr. D has cholesterol issues, making bread meant being able to add ingredients like flax seed to their diet.

As for 2012 Resolutions:

Enviro Girl plans to continue her exploration into a renewable energy source for her home’s electricity.  While she spent a lot of time with a solar energy expert last winter, that contractor would reconnect them to the grid from which they currently purchase power and if they’re going to invest in solar or wind power, Enviro Girl and her family would prefer to be off the grid and not deal at all with WPS.  She hopes to attend a renewable energy fair this summer to find the right plan.

She’s got big plans to expand the garden so she can produce more of her family’s  food.  Last season Enviro Girl harvested a lot of seeds and for Christmas she got a little greenhouse to help extend the growing season.

Enviro Girl will plant another 100 trees on her family’s property.

Finally, she wants to begin participating in her sons’ new school’s PTA so she can “green them” a bit! Specifically, she’d like to address their fundraising efforts.  They do a fair amount of “service-based” fundraising, but she’d like to help them raise money more efficiently so they can quit the magazine and pizza sales.


4 thoughts on “Enviro Girl’s Resolutions for 2012 (and how she did in 2011)

  1. Dang woman, you’re blowing my goals for 2012 out of the water. Now I’m going to have to step up my plans for the year. 😉

    Seriously though, I am always so impressed with your plans. How you juggle it all and still manage to deal with the wildlife out back in your woods is beyond me.

  2. I can go meatless, but I have not property to plant trees. I am going to re-try my balcony garden this year and grow as much for for my husband and I as possible 😛

  3. I see you’ve discovered how to add nuts and twigs to a man’s diet! If you’d like the recipe for a pumpkin bread in the breadmaker, let me know. I don’t think I’ve posted this one — yet.

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