The Most Wonderful Wreath of the Year

This is a wonderful wreath that you can make in 6 Super EZ Steps .

You will be celebrating the season in sustainability fashion by using old plastic bags (they don’t have to be clear plastic – they can be any color). Or, if you don’t have any plastic bags you can use up your sandwich baggies.

What better way to use your old plastic bags than to make a beautiful wreath to hang on your door? Plus you can give these wreaths as gifts and get rid of your old plastic bags at the same time.

Here’s all you do:

1) Take a wire hanger and bend it into a circle (this is the form for your wreath).
2) Take the baggies or plastic bags (they must be folded and can’t be ziploc) and cut all seams so baggie is completely open.
3) Then cut the baggies in half (one by one or in bunches)
4) Tie each piece to hanger in a half knot.
5) Move ends of baggies until wreath is full in body.
6) Decorate with Christmas ornaments, ribbons or whatever you have and WAH-LAH!!! You’re done!

It’s super sustainable and a wonderful symbol of the season at the same time.


5 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Wreath of the Year

  1. My daughter made this one for me – you would have never guessed…right? But it is pretty, waterproof and it can be made out of recycled plastic bags. Pretty cool…

  2. Sooo cute!! I think I am going to borrow this idea but use up those darn grocery bags that still seem to accumulate even though I take my own… and cut them down to the size of sandwich baggies???

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