Even MORE fun, eco Christmas stockings for kids of all ages

 Eco Lassie wrote about stocking stuffers the other day, and today Recycla has even more ideas for you today because one of her favorite things about Christmas is filling her husband’s and children’s stockings.  Even though she generally dislikes shopping, she really enjoys scouting around for yummy treats and fun gifts to sneak into everyone’s stockings on Christmas Eve.  And she LOVES pawing through her own stocking on Christmas morning.

Stocking stuffers are a family affair in Recycla’s house — filling them with  goodies when no one is looking is part of the fun.  Everyone slips and slides around the house like ninjas and tries to be subtle, but inevitably, the giggles give someone away.

The family’s stockings are heirloom quality and are meant to last for decades — early in her marriage, Recycla made stockings for her and her husband and, even though she would have liked to do the same for her daughters, the realities of having newborns, babies, and then toddlers meant that both girls have store-bought needlepoint stockings. Still, they are well made and will be used for a long time. While some people like to swap out stockings every few years in order to jump on the latest decorating trend, Recycla and her family are traditionalists who believe that stockings are for life.

As for the contents of the stockings, Recycla is picky.  She does not buy plastic crapola for her family’s stockings. She also stays away from cheap, mass-produced candy and instead favors special treats for this special day.

What kinds of things has Recycla put in her family’s stockings over the years?

  • small fun things — compasses, magnifying glasses, bike bells, marbles, USB drives
  • stickers, pens, pencils, Post-It notes — Recycla’s daughters love having their own office supplies.
  • gift cards and notifications of donations made in the recipient’s name
  • soaps, lotions, lip balm and other personal care products — If she can find locally-made options, all the better.
  • fun socks, gloves, and other accessories
  • jewelry — Recycla and her daughters love it when they get baubles made by local artists or Etsy crafters.
  • homemade coupons — Recycla would love it if her husband would give her a coupon toward a future back rub or her children would promise to unload the dishwasher!
  • sauces and condiments — Recycla’s husband likes spicy foods, so she seeks out new sauces and slips a small bottle or two in his stocking.
  • gourmet organic chocolates and treats

That’s just a starter list, but surely you get the idea.  The important thing is to be mindful about the overall impact of what you buy.  How quickly will the item end up in a landfill or is it something that might be fun or useful for a long time OR will be consumed immediately?

Tell the Eco Women:  What is your favorite thing to find in your stocking?

Photo credits: MarthaStewart.com.

3 thoughts on “Even MORE fun, eco Christmas stockings for kids of all ages

  1. These are all wonderful ideas! Something that I like to do is even put in a little note that might start a mystery “egg hunt” where the first note in the stocking leaves clues to other notes that lead the person around the house (so you have time to put the present in their stocking!).

  2. I still hang the stocking my mother made for me when I was about 6 or 7. So, that’s one old stocking. And I remember one year growing up when all we had were the presents in our stockings. Mostly fruit and hard candy – I think we each got one small gift. With 9 kids, Mom and Dad couldn’t go overboard.

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