DIY Holiday Wreaths

It’s an easy thing to add a little handmade decorating to your house–and a wreath lends instant cheer to a door, window, bare wall, even laid flat as a tabletop arrangement with the center filled in with candles or a bowl of fresh fruit.  You don’t need to decorate using mass-produced store-bought knick knacks.  Skip the cheap plastic holly and ivy.  For pennies you can create your own wreaths out of a little wire and creativity.  Get your hot glue guns ready, readers!

Enviro Girl has seen wreaths made out of all nature of materials, from wrapped hard candy to glass ornaments to pinecones.  Below are some of her favorites, tutorials linked for your convenience.

1.  Paper wreaths–Enviro Girl made hers out of an old college textbook and a foam center ($2.00 at a craft supply store).  She learned how to make it here.  She discovered a neat magazine wreath here.  She’s also discovered that those swim noodles can be used as wreath forms, simply cut to size and duct tape the ends together.  Enviro Girl even repurposed some styrofoam packaging that came on some chairs she ordered.  Long skinny foam strips?  Meet duct tape and creativity!

2.  Rag wreaths–Enviro Girl has a couple and they can be made for any occasion.  You can use any fabric, from old wool sweaters you’ve felted to scraps from other projects.  Retro Housewife Goes Green created an excellent tutorial on how to make this funky wreath:

3.  Pinecone wreaths are a perennial favorite.  Enviro Girl has scads of pinecones in her yard and she made one for her porch using a wreath form and some floral wire.  Martha Stewart has a nice tutorial on creating pinecone wreaths.  The exact same directions can be modified to make your own wreaths out of branches, boughs, dried flowers, miniature pumpkins–you name it!

4.  Enviro Girl has used old wire hangers as wreath forms, so it pleased her to find this tutorial by Eddie Ross explaining how to make this fantastic Christmas wreath.  You can use old embroidery hoops, tires, hula hoops and picture frames as the base for a wreath.

5.  Felted wool is a charming way to decorate–you can felt wool from old sweaters (thrift stores are a great resource) or mittens or scarves.  You can make your felted wool wreath big enough for a window or small enough for a tree ornament,  Family Fun explains how.

6.  Old yarn can make a wreath, too.

7.  Even buttons can look neat as a wreath.

8. Wine corks, ribbons, tulle, craft paper scraps, pom-poms, cookie cutters and sea shells can be turned into festive wreaths.

Enviro Girl even went out to the edge of her property and gathered some old rusty barbed wire and wrapped it into circles and attached some pinecones to it, creating a very rustic wreath for her front porch.  The sky’s the limit for how you can make a wreath–all you need to do is start with a circle form and add the materials of your choice.   Here are more handmade holiday wreaths if nothing here caught your fancy or suited your taste.   Now grab your glue gun and add a little handmade to your holiday!


4 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Wreaths

  1. Totally awesome post! Love all the ideas! Tires for making wreaths? Never thought of that but I guess it’s round so it’s possible. I can just see the expression on my hubby’s face when he sees his car missing a tire and the vandal is me! LOL.

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