Buy Nothing Day: Celebrate it with us!

Nothing, not even a week in Italy with George Clooney, could induce Enviro Girl to go shopping on Black Friday.  The last predictions she read indicated 77 million people planned to shop that day, mostly with plans to buy stuff for themselves.  Consumption and consumerism has shaded most people’s Christmas season.  There’s no escaping the message from the advertisements:  buying stuff will make us all happier.   The reality is that going on a spending frenzy at the mall has absolutely zilch to do with joy or peace on earth.

This Friday stay home, go to the library, a movie, have coffee with an old friend, or deck your halls — but DO NOT SHOP!  It’s Buy Nothing Day and you’re encouraged to keep your green in your wallet.

(This is a holiday the Eco Women can get behind!)

By not buying anything on the largest shopping day of the year, you help send the message that we have enough stuff.  Between the crappy economy and ongoing environmental issues, it’s time to consume less.  Whether you call it Buy Nothing Day, Buy Nothing Christmas, or Advent Conspiracy, we encourage you to stay out of stores and keep your money in your wallet/purse/pocket this Friday.

The video below is one of the things that convinced Enviro Girl to spend less on presents several years ago.  If we keep our giving in perspective and focused on what would truly spread peace and goodwill toward humankind, we’d find little justification to wait in line outside Toys R Us at 4:00 a.m. Friday morning so we could save 50% on a Lego set.

How do you participate in this year’s Buy Nothing Day?  BUY NOTHING on November 26th.  It’s free, it’s easy, and you’ll feel so good!

Tell the Eco Women:  Will you participate in Buy Nothing Day?


6 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Day: Celebrate it with us!

  1. This takes absolutely no effort on my part. I abhor “Black Friday” with every fiber of my being and I always have, as long as I can remember. You can rest assured that I’m unlikely to leave my in-laws’ house at all on Friday except to walk the dogs.

  2. I am in. Every year, I make a point to do absolutely no shopping at all on Thanksgiving weekend, not even online. Instead, my family sat down yesterday and made a list of all the things we want to do together this weekend — bake, watch a movie, decorate for Christmas, and so on. My older daughter wants to go for a run with me, which thrills me too.

  3. No shopping. No buying. We don’t need anything. Our families don’t need anything. And even if we and they did, there are 364 other days of the year to shop.

    Although Jen alluisi, if I were stuck at my in-laws, I would brave even 5 a.m. Wal Mart to get away from them.

    I wouldn’t spend any money, but I would use Black Friday as an excuse to get out of the house!

  4. You couldn’t PAY me to shop on Black Friday! All my sisters-in-laws and my mother-in-law get together and go to an outlet mall that day, and it just seems like torture to me. I’d rather spend the day relaxing with my family, maybe putting up some holiday decorations, and enjoying my daughter’s company before she heads back to college.

    As our Christmas presents to each other, my husband & I may head out shopping together one weekday in December. We get to pick out a few things we like, but spend the day together in the process. No stress wondering what the other would like, and a nice day off for just the two of us.

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