Portland Composts
is a new program and I may be a little biased…okay I might be a lot biased but Portland, Oregon has always been known as a sustainable city. We Portlandians are ranked NUMBER ONE in the country for most bike friendly cities, only coming in behind Amsterdam in the entire world! Plus we have an army of workers who bike to work. We even have solar powered garbage compactors located around the city. But now Portland City Metro is not only encouraging composting, they are essentially demanding it…at least if you don’t want to have your garbage cans overflowing and spilling out into your yard.

Garbage pick ups will only be every other week from now on – instead of every week. So, people will need to cut down on their garbage production or increase their recycling and composting to keep their garbage from growing into an unmanageable amount. The city even provided these cute little composting pails (pictured above) for every household. I think it’s super city sustainable power!!! And, I’m really excited to see how the program works out.

I’ll keep you all posted on the progress of this new sustainable program.

How ’bout your city, is it encouraging composting?


4 thoughts on “PORTLAND COMPOSTS

  1. I wish our community encouraged more of this behavior. I voluntarily compost and it’s amazing how much I DON’T throw in the trash now.

  2. I am no environmentalist, yet for the two of us, plus two cats who need to have their litter changed occasionally, we fill up our trash bin maybe once a month. How does one get to needing to put the trash out every week?

  3. Gold Digger: It’s EZ to go overboard and over the rim. I have a large family – I grew up in a house with 9 kids plus my grandma lived with us and Mom and Dad so imagine 12 people. We created a lot of garbage but we reused, recycled and repurposed before it was ever sustainability it was more like survival.

  4. Kim, I can see 12 people filling a trash bin, but most households now do not have that many people!

    I hear you about survival: my grandmother was the same way. She had almost no trash. She re-used Cool Whip containers to freeze raspberries. She composted. Any protein scraps went to the dog. She saved string and rubber bands. She did her own cooking, so didn’t have a lot of food packaging.

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