Thanksgiving Goes To Your Pets

ecolassieThanksgiving is just around the corner, as anyone who has looked at the covers of the magazines on line at the grocery will tell you.  There must be a dozen new ways to prepare string bean casserole, not to mention that center of attention: the turkey.  Can’t you smell that delicious roasting bird?

Trust Eco Lassie: Your pets can, and being the cute and darling members of your family that they are, deserve their own T-Day treats. After all, the Pilgrims were big on sharing.

And don’t over those smaller pets at holidays. They like treats, too. Just remember that gerbils, hamsters, rats and birds cannot eat meats.

But these smaller pets would love small bits of carrot or broccoli dropped into their cage. Birds can eat small pieces of cooked carrots and love cranberries.

Pumpkin is something dogs and cat digest well. Eco-Lassie keeps it on hand for her Spinone, Radar. Pumpkin will straighten out your dogs digestive system if you add a few tablespoons, depending on the size of your dog, to his meal.

How about Tom Turkey: can you safely feed your pets? The answer is yes, with some considerations and cautions. If we’re talking raw turkey, your pet can eat any part of it, including the packet of giblets, and even the bones and necks.    As Eco Lassie has mentioned before, dogs and cats are carnivores and in the wild, eat anything they forage.  And yes, it’s always raw.  The splintering of bones you read about only occurs if you feed your pet cooked turkey bones.   So any part of the turkey can be fed to them if it’s raw.  This includes the wings and the neck.

The situation changes radically if we’re talking about cooked turkey. You may want to share your leftovers with your pet.  This is when you avoid cooked bones, and just give them meat.  Avoid cooked turkey fat and skin; it has too much fat in it and can give your pet diarrhea and, if enough is taken in, or even the more severe and painful pancreatitis.

But there is no question your cat or dog will like turkey meat.  Many pet foods, especially those designed for pets with sensitive stomachs, contain turkey. Watch your cat attack her dinner when you mix in a little chopped turkey and sweet potato!

Let’s assume you just want your dog or cat to share in your good meal.  Dogs and cats can have cooked vegetables in small amounts, too.  You should avoid onions, garlic, raisins and sage, but green beans, a small amount of sweet potatoes, and even a touch of gravy will give your pet a Thanksgiving feast he will enjoy!

Is there any doubt in your mind?

After dinner, the same tryptophans that make you sleepy can affect your pet, so don’t be surprised when you doze off to find your pet right besides you!

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I'm a retired RN, full-time writer who lives in a very rural area in coastal NC. I live here with Doc and our 7 yr old Spinone, Radar. We have 3 grown married sons. On a daily basis we see deer, tons of birds including blue birds and woodpeckers, shore birds and the occasional black bear, and love living on the Pungo River, perfect for a writer. My award-wininng mystery, THE BLUE VIRGIN, is set in Oxford, UK, and is the first of a series featuring American Nora Tierney. Book 2, THE GREEN REMAINS, follows Nora's move to Cumbria. Book 3, THE SCARLET WENCH, has her getting mixed up in murder yet again!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Goes To Your Pets

  1. My bunnies are herbivores, so they don’t eat the turkey. They will, however, fight over the salad. I don’t let them have any wine; it would go straight to their little furry heads.

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