Buttery, salty corn goodness

Friday night is Movie Night at Recycla’s house. Her children put on their pajamas and pick out a good DVD. Recycla’s husband pops popcorn, because who can watch a movie without popcorn? This has been an important tradition for years in Recycla’s household, but a few years ago, it went through a significant change.

What changed and why?

Recycla found out that popcorn makes the Top 10 list of foods most often contaminated with pesticides and other chemicals.


After years of serving her children organic apples, strawberries, grapes, and other produce, it turns out Recycla had actually been serving up bowls of toxic treats.

Luckily, there are plenty of organic popcorn options out there.

For the microwave popcorn fans, Recycla highly recommends Newman’s Own Organics popcorn. This is the best microwave popcorn available, period. Instead of the usual greasy, salty microwave popcorn, NOO microwave popcorn is light, not greasy, and not too salty. NOO does not use partially hydrogenated oils or any trans fatty acids. Available in unsalted, lightly salted, and butter flavors.

For popcorn purists, microwave popcorn is not acceptable. They either pop their popcorn on the stove top or in a popper like the Stir Crazy. Per Enviro Girl’s suggestion, Recycla bought one for her family several years ago and they’ve never gone back to the microwave stuff.  The flavor is just so much better than microwave options. Or, pop the corn on your stove.

Tell the Eco Women:  Are you a popcorn fan?  Do you like yours salty and buttery or some other way?

Disclaimer: The Eco Women are not employed by any of the companies mentioned, nor were they asked to review any products. Photo credits: Yahoo Images.

4 thoughts on “Buttery, salty corn goodness

  1. I use NOO or Orville Red’s whole kernels; sometimes on the stove top in a pot; other times in a micro popper that uses no oil. It’s a fave treat at our house, too!

  2. I’ve been making stovetop popcorn for a while and love it with a little nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and salt. Did you know you can totally make kettle corn on the stove, too? Just wait until the oil is hot, add sugar and kernels, and keep shaking the covered pot while it’s popping. The full recipe is on Allrecipes, but it’s super easy.

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