Eco-friendly Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just 12 days away, Recycla’s daughters are gearing up for one of the three biggest days of a kid’s year — the holy trifecta of Halloween, Christmas, and his  birthday.

This year, Recycla’s girls are dressing up as Greek goddesses and their costumes required almost no effort — They have some old white sheets in their linen closet that they will be draping and pinning in strategic places. Add in some t-shirts and leggings underneath for warmth and a couple of props to further symbolize the themes (e.g. a bow and arrow for Athena) and the costumes will be complete.This is reusing at its finest.

Recycla encourages you to look around your house for what you can reuse and/or recycle for Halloween costumes. If you need ideas, check out this great article at National Geographic, this one from Gaiam, and this one from Inhabitat. If your children have friends who are the same size, consider a costume swap.

Finally, a few safety reminders so that Halloween doesn’t end up with any bumps or boo boos:

  • Make sure your child’s vision (or yours) is not obscured by a mask or other part of the costume.
  • Make sure you and your child’s costumes don’t hinder your movement — tripping and spilling candy would be no fun at all!
  • If a costume is not reflective or in some way visible in the dark, add some reflective tape so that you can be seen.
  • Be careful when around lit jack o’ lanterns — emergency rooms across the U.S. see far too many patients suffering from burns.
  • Most important of all: Have fun!

Tell the Eco Women: What’s the best costume you ever wore?


One thought on “Eco-friendly Halloween Costumes

  1. My favorite costume was a terribly politically incorrect Indian Princess one my mom sewed for me. Oh the beads! Pippi Longstocking was my 2nd favorite.
    We’re recycling this year, too. NOTHING new.

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