How eco warriors deal with colds

Recycla has gotten her first cold of the season. Blech. As soon as she felt the first warning tickles in the back of her throat, she reached into her bag of tricks for eco-friendly ways to deal with her symptoms. What’s in this bag of tricks? Here’s how the Eco Women deal with winter’s yuckiness:

Eat a healthy diet with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Healthy bodies are better able to ward off illnesses, so keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in the kitchen.

Vitamin C is an important tool in  your cold-fighting arsenal, so drink orange juice and eat oranges,, and other foods rich in this nutrient. Consider taking Vitamin C supplements too.

When the inevitable sniffles and runny noses appear, drink plenty of clear fluids, like water and tea.

Chamomile tea with lemon and honey is great for the slight queasiness that comes with colds, plus the chamomile has some natural anti-inflammatory properties. The honey and lemon both soothe sore throats and the honey helps keep your blood sugar up since you’re likely to have have no appetite for food. The tea helps you stay hydrated.

Ginger helps soothe a queasy stomach and the spiciness cab help clear your nose a bit. To make ginger tea, bBoil ginger root and then simmer until it is a caramel color. Add honey to sweeten it and it will kill anything in your mouth and throat. Sip it all day.

As always, chicken soup is a wonderful thing to have when sick. The steam from the hot soup can help loosen congestion in your chest and nose, plus researchers have found evidence that chicken broth has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in soothing sore throats and help stop the movement of the white blood cells that encourage the flow of mucus in the lungs and nose. Furthermore, soup tastes good and the liquids help keep you hydrated. To make your own, see this post.

Another way to deal with congestion is to take a hot bath or shower, since the steam will help unclog your sinuses. Add essential oils of rosemary or eucalyptus for some herbal aid.

Remember when your mother would rub Vick’s Vapor Rub on your chest when you were a kid to help soothe your stuffy nose and/or hacking cough? Well, that’s definitely still a good thing to do. If you want the most organic option available, then give Badger’s Aromatic Chest Rub balm a try. According to their website, you can use the balm as a chest rub or “put a half a teaspoon in a humidifier or pot of hot water as a steam inhalant.”

You can also try some organic throat lozenges, such as the ones made by St. Claire’s, or you could make your own.

Tell the Eco Women: What’s your favorite thing to do when you have a cold? Do you push through or do you you hunker down on your sofa with a warm blanket and a good book?

The Eco Women are not employed by any of the companies mentioned here. Photo credits: Yahoo Images, except for the balm, which came from the company’s website.

3 thoughts on “How eco warriors deal with colds

  1. I also walk or go to the gym-exercise seems to help and from what I’ve read is good unless one is running a fever.

  2. I don’t catch colds, but sometimes they try to catch me! If I feel that sensation I try to make sure to drink about a gallon of ionized, alkaline water every day. That pretty much nips just about anything in the bud. If I hear of other people feeling under the weather, I share some of the ionized water with them since we have our own machine. I’m doing my best to help make the world a healthier place!

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