Preparing your home for the cold months

Depending on where you live — and this excludes the Eco Women’s readers down in the Southern Hemisphere — now that it’s fall, the weather has probably started cooling down a bit. Now is a good time to prepare your home for winter.

Here’s a list of projects — ranging from simple and cheap/free to more complex and expensive — you can do to winterize your eco lair:

  1. To keep cold air from coming in under your door, roll up a towel and place it across the bottoms of leaky doors.
  2. To help heat your house more efficiently, don’t forget to change the filter in your furnace.
  3. Heat rises, so run your ceiling fans in reverse. They’ll push the warm air down from the ceilings.
  4. On sunny days, open the curtains/blinds all the way to let the light in and heat your rooms.
  5. Install storm doors and windows to seal drafts and reduce air flow.
  6. Have your heating system tuned up so that it runs more efficiently.
  7. Keep an eye on your thermostat. While there’s no need to sit around shivering, there’s also no need to live in a balmy 78 degree house. Put on a sweater instead!
  8. Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal your windows and other gaps in the house.
  9. Add more insulation in your attic and exterior walls.
  10. Seal your exposed ducts, because 10-30% of your heat can escape through uninsulated ducts.
  11. Upgrade to a more efficient furnace. Choose one that is Energy Star rated.

Tell the Eco Women: What’s your favorite thing about fall?


One thought on “Preparing your home for the cold months

  1. I made an appointment for a furnace check and a new filter for next week!
    Of course, living in the North, we’re always prepared for the cold.

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