Bike Commute Challenge

The weather has started to turn, there’s a crisp edge to the air. Even the leaves are dropping from the trees. You can hear them crackle and crunch beneath school kids’ feet, as they head back to class.

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, Bike Commute Challenge.

You see, here in River City, we take sustainability seriously. Hundreds of people commute by bicycle every day to work and back. It’s an easy way to save money: no need to pay for parking, no money for car insurance, heck, no need for cars, gas or maintenance. And, that doesn’t say anything about how much less your carbon footprint will be. But, just think about it for a moment. You can reduce the emissions your car would be putting out into the air, simply by riding to work. This is one way you can do your part to save the planet . . . plus, you’ll be getting yourself in shape – all at the same time. So no need to pay for a gym membership either. Think of how much you’ll save: money, maybe time and the planet!

So don’t let your bike go to waste sitting on the sidelines.
Get out there and ride to work! And, if you aren’t lucky enough to live in River City, then check with your local community to find out whether they have a bike commute challenge and, if they don’t, why don’t you get one organized…I challenge you.

Even the Green Queen has been riding to work. Of course it’s an easy downhill ride and that helps. She hasn’t quite gotten up the guts to ride back home – all the way uphill, yet – this year. But, that’s coming. She’s lucky to be able to take her bike on the MAX (the citywide transit train) if she chooses.

But Portland has always been one innovative city. City planners have been creating a bike encouraging city. Just look at some of the unusual aspects of city planning going on here. Cars have to sit and wait behind the bikes. And, people can often get to work faster on bikes than in cars, locked up in gridlock.
So, what more do you need to hear to get you pedaling yourself to work? It’s time to JUST DO IT!


2 thoughts on “Bike Commute Challenge

  1. Thats great that you can take bikeso n the MAX trains. I recently bought a folding bike so that I can take the commuter rail and bring my bike on board. I wish it was easier to combine public transit and biking! I guess there is slow progress…

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