Chemical-Free Fixes for Frizzy Hair

Enviro Girl struggles with frizzy hair, yet she’s disinclined to buy a bunch of paraben-laden conditioners and serums and gels and sprays to solve the problem.  Instead, she’s discovered a slew of natural rinses from the kitchen pantry that take the frizz out of her tresses while keeping the environment safe:

Beer.  Pour flat warm beer mixed with water through your hair after you shampoo and wait a minute or two before your final rinse.  Beer replenishes moisture and adds shine.

Apple cider vinegar.  Use the same as a beer rinse.  It’s a natural cleanser and a good conditioner.

Carbonated water.  Apparently the low pH helps manage fly-away strands of hair.

Olive oil.  Actually, any kind of oil.  Apply through your hair BEFORE you shampoo to restore moisture and shine.  You can use a few drops as a serum after  you’ve dried and styled your hair, too.  Enviro Girl suggests olive oil because it has the least amount of odor compared to other oils.  Shea butter can also smooth styled hair.

Finally, a mash-up of mayonnaise and avocado makes a great deep conditioner.  Just be sure to shampoo well afterwards or you’ll smell like a sandwich!


4 thoughts on “Chemical-Free Fixes for Frizzy Hair

  1. Don’t drink beer, but I have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in my cupboard – I think I will try it out on my daughter’s hair! I use Olive oil as a moisturiser before washing – and it works well no matter what your hair type is.

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