Understanding what it means

Recycla wrote a post about greenwashing last year and today she wants to revisit that topic. There are several kinds of greenwashing that she frequently sees in the grocery store and has even seen at the farmers’ market:

  • Corn-fed beef — Yes, Recycla has actually seen this at her own farmers’ market.  This is the beef you DON’T want because cows are not meant to eat corn.  In fact, it makes them sick, which is why conventional beef needs antibiotics, something else you don’t want in your beef.  Instead, buy beef that’s labeled “grass-fed.”
  • “Less Plastic” water bottles — Plastic is plastic is plastic, whether the bottles have more or less of it, and we all need to break the plastic habit.  The Eco Women have said it before many times, DON’T BUY BOTTLED WATER!  You’re wasting your money and a great many resources — from the plastic used to bottle the water to the energy needed to haul bottled water from one part of the country to your town.  That’s a lot of wasted oil, in the form of plastic bottles and unnecessary transportation.
  • “All natural” — This doesn’t mean doodly-squat and has nothing to do with organic at all. Even a “natural” ingredient can be bad for your health, as is the case with arsenic, which is natural, but you wouldn’t want to ingest it. Food with high fructose corn syrup is often labeled as “natural” and you definitely don’t want that either.

If you want to eat more organic foods, here are the three labels you’re looking for:

  • 100% organic — That means the product is actually 100% organic.
  • Organic — It’s made with at least 95% organic ingredients.
  • “Made with organic ingredients” — Has at least 70% organic ingredients.

Overall, the important thing to remember is to use your brain.  Read claims on packaging carefully.  Be an informed consumer.


2 thoughts on “Understanding what it means

  1. Thanks for bringing up “corn fed.” So many people operate under the idea that “corn fed” is some kind of natural diet for animals!

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