Carbonation in Moderation

There have been debates about whether or not carbonation is healthy. Some people say that carbonation creates acidity in the body that breaks down bone density and that it ultimately contributes to osteoporosis in women. But the reviews are mixed. Others say, “It does no such thing.”

Another problem that some research talks about is that the CO2 raises Ph levels in the body, which prevents absorption of nutrients and destroys enzymes that aid in digestion.

But there are also possible benefits to CO2. It can kill bacteria which might make it a good option in beverages when you are in a foreign country where the water may not be safe.

Of course, most of the bubbles have already popped by the time the liquid reaches the stomach so most of its effects are gone by the time it settles inside you.

Another question that has been raised is whether or not CO2 has been linked to cellulite, there isn’t any research that the Green Queen has found to suggest the two are linked. So, it might simply be a silly rumor.

So, what does carbonation have to do with sustainability? It’s an interesting question the Green Queen has wondered about because in her family they try to eat whole foods that are processed as little as possible. But one thing they love is carbonated waters, so it’s nice to know that carbonated water doesn’t pose any serious health risks.

Still, even if carbonated water isn’t bad for you, it’s not the best option for the environment. Usually these beverages are sold in plastic and/or glass bottles, which means more waste in the world than if you simply drink the water directly out of the tap. And, a lot of people don’t just drink carbonated water, they drink soda pop and other carbonated drinks that add an entirely different level of complication to the question of health effects from those drinks. That’s one reason to keep the question simple: water and carbonation . . . ?

So, in the Green Queen’s opinion, the best motto is to use carbonation in moderation at least until we have more research. It might not make a big difference in your health but it will make a big difference to the environment.


7 thoughts on “Carbonation in Moderation

  1. Interesting post–I’ve actually wondered about this myself! We tend to drink things uncarbonated, but I confess to preferring the zip of a gin and tonic in summertime!

  2. What if you got your own carbonation system, like a Soda Stream or something? You can easily carbonate water with it; you don’t have to actually make soda. I don’t have one so I’m certainly no expert, but it seems like it would almost have to be more eco-friendly because you re-use the bottles that the carbonated drinks go into, over and over and over.

  3. I used to love our soda stream that we had when I was little. I much prefer carbonated water to still water, but I also find that in the heat, non-carbonated drinks are much more thirst quenching – maybe just because you can drink them more quickly!? Since moving in with my boyfriend, I drink a lot less carbonated drinks, I just can’t afford it! We tend to stick to the tap water… maybe sub-consciously I am becoming an eco-hero πŸ™‚

  4. Coincidence? There are adverts for Soda Stream on T.V. constantly at the moment! I don’t remember seeing them before reading this post… are you psychic Eco Women or just one step ahead of the game!?

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