Turn off your engine.

Recycla walks, bikes, and runs a lot around her town. Moving at slower speeds allows her to really notice things around her — gardens, lemonade stands, and idling vehicle engines. For some reason, even in this day and age, some folks still leave their car and truck engines idling for long periods of time. This is a foolish practice that wastes  gas and money, while pumping pollutants into the air.

Whenever Recycla knows she’ll be in one place for a while — such as waiting for a train or stuck in traffic — she turns off her car engine. It’s a simple flick of the wrist, yet so many people don’t do it.  Recycla has sat at railroad crossings before and watched as people idled their engines for 5, 10, or even 15 minutes.  She’s also seen other people pull their cars up in front of buildings and then leave their engines running while they dash inside for a few minutes. What a huge waste of gas!  Recycla always feels sick as she contemplates the waste.  The owners of those cars were clearly not thinking about how their actions impacted Planet Earth.

As gas prices increase ever higher, people need to be aware of their gas use and learn to be more economical.  Turning off your engine when you can is a very good first start.  Recycla recognizes that it’s summer and that people can die in extreme heat; however, she’s seen this wasteful behavior in moderate temperatures.  While it might not seem like only a few cars can make a difference, in reality, every little bit helps. Every action, no matter how small, is important.

Tell the Eco Women:  Have rising gas prices caused you to make any changes with your gas consumption this summer?


3 thoughts on “Turn off your engine.

  1. Even worse is watching people idle in fast food drive thrus or coming 20 minutes early to be first to pick up their kid from school and idling the whole time

  2. I never thought about it in terms of petrol prices, but I normally turn my car engine off in traffic because it has a slight over-heating problem!!! There’s also signs all the way down a particular spot on my route home where there’s always severe delays telling people to turn off their engines to reduce CO2 emissions. My boyfriend and I were talking about it on our way home one day and we were wondering how much energy it takes to turn on your engine, and is there an amount of time with your engine off that you need to exceed to make it worthwhile!?

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